vipVenus International Productions (VIP) announces the winners for best performance at the 3rd Annual Haitian Labor Day Festival.

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone, who attended the festival this year and/or the surrounding events. The Haitian Labor day festival is an annual event, engineered to celebrating Haitian culture, alleviating its music, while providing a fun and unique experience to the musicians and their fans. We successfully achieved those goals during the festival this year.

A few weeks ago, Venus Intl’ Production CEO, Urbain Richard, in an effort to encourage, acknowledge and honor creativity at the festival, took the initiative of announcing prizes, to be awarded to the 3 best performing bands. While most bands put in their best efforts, three groups stood out. This assessment is based primarily on the innovation, uniqueness, and crowd’s reaction.

The winners of the inaugural Best Performance Award are: read more...