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system band returns

System Band returns As # 1

The group has experienced difficult times in recent years. Especially with the instability and the departure of several founding members of Machiavelli Caramel musicians founded on June 24, 1981. They had to be formed other bands, including Nu-System, or made other experiences that have not given results. It was a sigh of relief when Isnard Douby announced in December 2013 the return of all former member within the orchestra.
Shortly after this reconciliation System Band had a premiere, ie its return evening, with Tabou Combo in New York, and since the official resumption of its activities in Miami January 25, 2014, System Band does not stop. The band at Isnard Douby has meanwhile traveled to Haiti to play a few bal.
Furthermore, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the compass, System Band, Djakout # 1 and Nu-Look will host the evening "Red and White" Sunday, May 17, 2015 at Café Iguana in Miami.

The orchestra has just put in the bins around his new album. Titled "Nou pa pè", this album produced by Ernst Vincent, Jocel Almeus, Darbens Chery whose executive producers are System Band and Chancy & Agency includes 12 songs: "Nou pa pè" (vidéoclippée), "Konsève", "Kouzin" (which is the subject of many comments to be written by the same author, Saubner than that of the Konpa de Gracia Delva had gone out before), "Gade sa ou remèt li", "Mèt lakou", "Believe in you "," Limena "," Jwi m pa gaspiye m ", "Personnalité", "San ou", "Jamais trop tard", and"VIP".The songs on this record are written and composed by Ernst Vincent (Tines), Jocel Almeus, Darbens Chery Saubner Thomas, Michelangelo Bazile, Emmanuel Tuffet, Marc Lubin, Ronald Smith, Mario Michel, Dely Reginald Francis and Benjamin.

Isnard Douby looked forward to this new departure System Band with all his former musicians. According Tines, maestro and founding member of System Band, satisfied with the return and this new production, the orchestra had observed a pause for administrative reasons. "System The musicians did not want Marc Arthur as manager. Now everything is back to normal. It is a new System that rejuvenates, "said Ernst Vincent.
For its part, explains that Dabenz either, he did not like the way we managed the orchestra, but nevertheless he was always kept in touch with Isnard Douby. And when he had decided to contact him to start over with Tines, he saw in this approach the realization of his dream he returned to System Band and accepted by the team!
The musicians who are part of System Band # 1 are Isnard Douby (conductor and lead vocal) Darbens Chery (lead vocals), James Twelve (lead vocals), Lucien Cerant Junior (sax), Reginald Benjamin (lead guitar) Ronald Smith (rhythm guitar), Ernst "Tines" Vincent (bass guitar), Jean Maurice Mathurin (drums), Martial Bigaud (Conga), David Rizza Salvatorre (percussion) and Roody Apollo (keyboards) ..

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