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dat7 october 11

The new album of Dat7 is out go get your copy on Itunes, Amazone, or CDBaby, or buy it at the Cd store near you. Support Dat7 by buying your own copy, and that will help the band succeed. The album title is Vercdit and it contains eleven tracks:

1. Saw Tap Fe

2. Why

3. Tribunal Lanmou

4. No Need to Be Fancy

5. Je veux m'envoler

6. Jwe Rol Ou

7. Depozit

8. Experience

9. Both Ways

10. Se Konsa

11. Danre Ra

Original Release Date: October 9, 2015
Release Date: October 9, 2015
Label: Dat7
Copyright: 2015 Dat7
Total Length: 58:30

Album Notes
we've been through ups and downs putting this album together, we've been frowned upon, doubted and even prosecuted. so this album is our VERDICT, its what everyone will judge us for. not where we come from or what we've done but our music, our talent. we have different songs on this album from soft to fast, funny to serious and even socially to politically correct. our vision is to brake the barriers that limit haitian music to only haitians. music is not about simply the lyrics or the sound, its about how it makes you feel.