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Invictus is the title of Kreyol La's new album. This album will be available online on May 13th, of 2015. Several other musicians took part in the album such as: Robert Martino, you can enjoy his touch on track #1 a solid rock guitar. Porky maestro of DP Epress, KEKE Belizaire, Fantom (TRack 10), Sander Solon ( Guitar #2 track 7) Gerald Kerbeau (track 2,3,4,5). Shedly Abraham. You can purchase the album online on Amazone, CD baby, Itune.This new album has 11 tracks

1- Men Djaz la

2- Before and After FT. Michael Cartright

3- Triye

4- Turn Me On FT. Michel Dulix

5- Fok Ou Kwe

6- Lanmou Engra

7- Rendevou

8- Ayiti

9- Cherie Map File'w

10- Tout Moune Suiv Mwen

11- Peyi Cho Pa Pou Mwen

Original release date: May 13, 2015

Label: Kreyol la

Total Lenght: 55:16

CopyRight: 2015 Joseph Junior Zenny