login"The latest emerging band out of Miami, Florida, LOG IN releases two debut tracks titled “Sorry” and “Zanmi” under its own record label, Phat Sound Records."

(MIAMI, FLORIDA – September 22nd, 2014) - Emerging Florida based band, LOG IN announced today the release of two new tracks, Sorry and Zanmi on its newly established record label, Phat Sound Records. Both tracks are a prelude to their upcoming album titled *“20 Fwa Sur le Metier”* which is slated for a Thanksgiving 2014 (November) release.

With their uplifting, and innovative sound, the eight piece band, LOG IN is staking its claim in the Haitian Music Industry as the next prominent band. The varied theme album *“20 Fwa Sur le Metier”* comprises twelve tracks with good vocals, developed songwriting skills, and great musicianship.

The two new tracks Sorry and Zanmi are sung by band members, Ben Benel and Cardial St. Fleur ir, and produced by Frantz Alcime. Sorry some of us have a hard time when it comes to admitting when we're wrong let alone apologize, but in this tune the singer put his pride a side to apologize for his wrong doings. On the track Zanmi, Cardial St. Fleur explores the meaning of friendship, trust and loyalty. LOG IN ’s music comes from its member’s personal experiences along with experiences of people in their immediate circle, meaning they will never run out of stories to tell

“This album is a true reflection of our vision, passion and creativity. We just wanted to create music that inspires.” ~ Percussionist, Frantz Alcime.

In addition to the forthcoming release, LOG IN will be holding a press conference to unveil the whole band’s identity and to formerly introduce them to the press and general public followed by their album release/grand premiere.

Comprised of thirteen songs, the album’s track listing and breakdown:

20 Fwa Sur le Metier – is an uplifting, inspirational song encouraging people to follow their dreams even in these difficult times. DNA – tells the story of a member who was devastated after a DNA test proved the child; he raise for 20 year is not his. Dream Girl - taps more into the Zouk genre and it tells a story of a man’s female preferences. Insomnia – While the title may be self explanatory, however, his Insomnia is due to a break up. Viy Ave’w - explain how far a man is willing to go to be with one girl. Merci Nemours – an up-tempo song paying homage to the late creator of Compas Direct, Nemours Jean Baptiste and all those who helped pave the way for Compas Music. R.I.P– After a long and dreadful relationship with his significant other, the singer explained to her he’s finally found closure and the relationship and all memories of it are now resting in peace. Mariaj - is the story of a couple whose love for each other is undeniable, however, there’s one thing holding them back from getting too involved, both are married to someone else. Viv Pou Ou – This track talks about every man’s dream when they meet a woman they can’t resist; how can I get her? Work it out – A couple tries to work out their relationship after realizing they can’t live without each other. Belle Belle Belle - is an adaptation of the famous French singer, Claude Francois. read more......